In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

Due to my cultural differences, I am unsure of the expression “That’s the best thing since sliced bread” . Most of my daily meals include rice and noodles. I believe a sliced bread is similar to a sandwich but it is simpler for consumers who prefer to eat less for dietary reasons. This expression must’ve came from a really voracious, lethargic person who would wolf up a piece of wood in front of him/her.

The best thing that ever happened to me since sliced bread was my niece, 3-year old fervent, energetic, ardent little girl. Since descending from heaven, she’s been nothing but a delight to my heart. We’ve always had fun cuddling with each other, takingĀ  funny random photos, and playing hide and seek. As Robert Frost once used to say, nothing gold can stay; she will grow up into a delightful, responsible but rebellious adolescent. Comes that time, I won’t be nothing that a purport to support her stand while she realized her sins. Sins that she will committed to her parents such as not listening to them, being irresponsible and criticizing their behaviors. When she’s older, she might be this little angelic fiend. I hope to see her angelic side of her, I wish this could never happen but from what I’ve observed I could not thwart the development in her sophisticated character. Maybe Frost is wrong, pure gold couldĀ  stay after all like a sad but romantic song. The singers might die, listeners might cry, but rhythms and poetry will be fine. All in all, I just hope to be there for my niece as she’s growing and guide her to the right path, thus she would become a successful, zealous and charming young woman in the future.


The best thing since sliced bread